Zero-click results provide users with quick answers to basic queries.

A new study has shown nearly half of all US Google queries are comprised of ‘Zero-click’ searches.

The research, conducted by Jumpshot and assembled by SparkToro, found that 48.96% of all Google search queries were met with no further link clicks.

The data, retrieved from the first quarter of 2019, shows a 12% rise in no-click searches from the first quarter of 2016.

You can access the full report here.

Zero-click searches are those where answers are provided to users immediately at the top of the page, reducing the desire to click on any search links.

It could be a quick currency conversion, a time-zone query, or simply the nearest cafe.

Such basic informational queries are increasingly being satisfied by zero-search SERPs, and are becoming more popular on mobile devices as well as voice search.

For marketers who invest in organic search, though, the clear rise in zero-click SERPs could spell a further tightening of organic manoeuvrability.