YouTube’s ‘Bumper Machine’ will enable advertisers to generate 6-second variants of full-length video ads for mobile devices.


YouTube has announced it is developing a new tool that cuts down ads into 6-second snippets.

Named the Bumper Machine, the feature will rely on machine learning to automatically scan adverts and compress them into more mobile friendly variants.

Bumper Machine works by searching for key elements in an ad, which could be voiceovers, a focus on specific people, company logos, or products. The last two-to-three seconds of an ad will always have a call-to-action.

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By compressing adverts to feature only the core aspects – such as human faces, products, and brand logos – advertisers will find in this new feature a more efficient way to reach consumers.

 If YouTube’s machine learning system is actually able to identify the core aspects, and automatically compress them down, that could be a particularly handy tool for advertisers.

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