They include an easier way to share content with followers you connect with the most.

Twitter is in the process of testing new features to improve the user experience.

Up and down our news feeds, users are being selected as participants in an on-going experiment to test new updates.

The first of these is a new sharing feature to make it easier for users to share posts with those they communicate with the most.

The sharing feature on Twitter is a new option that will prompt the Twitterati with direct sharing links via DM to the people they frequently communicate with. Those who frequently share tweets with their friends through DM will find this feature very handy. It will also enhance the ‘private sharing’ trend that most social media, predominantly Facebook is looking to capitalize.

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Another test feature that users may see is a mini-profile card that displays a user’s bio in the notifications tab. This will provide more information about a follower before a user can take further action.

These test mode features can be seen as Twitter’s latest efforts to encourage more engagement across the app. Whether or not these will be rolled out for everyone, however, remains to be seen.