‘Complete the Look’ enables users to buy recommended products based on their interests.

Pinterest has announced a new eCommerce tool across its platform. The tool, named ‘complete the look,’ will recommend products to users based on their interests and search queries.

For example, if a user decides to look at wedding images, Pinterest will display recommended products to suit the given scene, such as wedding accessories, gifts, and flowers.

It’s an astute move by the social media inspo app that will get businesses interested. With targeted products based on inspiration, the incentive to buy and invest in those experiences will be attractive for consumers looking to match their style with relevant purchases.

Pinterest is different than any other social network because users’ intent on the platform is to search for inspiration, making it a retailer’s haven. It’s the optimal channel to get products in front of new audiences, and Pinterest’s expanded Partners program will redefine how businesses drive sales on the platform.

Marcel Hollerbach, Productsup Chief Marketing Officer, speaking to CSA.

It’s not just an astute move to provide a more relevant experience to audiences, however. Arguably its closest rival, Instagram also affords its users the chance to purchase products by clicking on images, such as those posted by influencers.

Building on its inspo reputation, however, Pinterest’s latest move will be welcomed by users wanting to purchase products that may more accurately reflect their styles.