The new updates will cater to the 360m-strong community who use the professional networking platform.


LinkedIn is highly popular – and big business.

Avid users of Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook may often downplay ‘the other’ social networking site that’s used mainly by professionals.

There’s no shying away from facts, though. The professional networking platform is performing well. Indeed, our social networking’s other half – the place we might visit every now and again to sniff out job postings – is announcing increased levels of engagement year on year.

LinkedIn is immensely popular with job-seekers, marketers, and industry professionals looking for like-minded colleagues.

We’ve grown from 300,000 to 20 million job postings in the past five years, with members applying to 25 million jobs every week and a new hire made every 8 seconds using LinkedIn.”


For these reasons, its latest business tools updates come as a gratuitous welcome for users hoping to find their next job.

A redesigned jobs homepage, for example, will streamline the prospective candidate experience.

We’ve streamlined the LinkedIn Jobs homepage to focus on discovery, giving members easy entry into their first search, updates on any new jobs posted for their previous searches, and personalized job recommendations based on skills and activity.


There’s also better tools for employers. Talent Insights, for instance, is helping employers better understand their workers and gain new insights into acquiring new ones.

 For instance, you can see in real-time how well you’re doing at retaining people with the skills you’re hiring for and how much focus to put into developing those skills internally or improving your talent brand


If we are to ask of the benefits AI can bring to social networking, then recruitment is a good place to start as these latest business tools demonstrate.