The revered pioneer behind iPhone will leave the tech giant to set up his own company, with Apple as a client.

Perhaps no other partnership in recent business history has overseen such seismic technological shifts as that one shared between Steve Jobs and Jony Ive.

Their shared vision for Apple Inc. is so often likened to one music partnership in particular that led its own cultural upheavals  Рthe Lennon and McCartney collaboration.

And as cliched as that shared deity may now have become, it’s difficult to ignore Jobs and Ives’ impact on the tech world.

Products like the iMac right the way through to the AirPods confirm the central ethos underpinning the tech behemoth’s hold on the consumer industry: products can be both practical and beautiful – that for Jobs, products needed to look and feel just as good as they performed.

But now the pioneer behind the iPhone and a string of other inventions is calling it a day.

After 30 years, Jony Ive will leave Apple to set up his own company.

Apple Inc. will remain a loyal customer to Ive’s new business, and it’s an agreement that only confirms the enduring – and hugely successful – relationship that will continue to fuel the Apple brand.