@Shop is the third human-curated Instagram account that will drive the consuming habits of users across its media sharing platform.


Instagram has announced the launch of its new, curated eCommerce account.

Simply named @shop, the account will showcase a range of small businesses, products, and the designers behind them.

In its announcement this week, the social media platform said the account aimed to bring the creative interests of its users together under one roof to drive inspiration.

@shop is a celebration of small businesses and the creators behind them. The content on this account is inspired by our community of shoppers — you. @shop is a real-time reflection of our community’s interests across top shopping categories like fashion, beauty, home decor and more.


The latest eCommerce unveiling comes just after the confirmation that influencers can now sell directly to their fans.

With competition increasing by platforms such as Pinterest, @shop could be just one response to boost its reputation amongst creatives.

One thing is clear, however: @shop is part of something much bigger that will change the way consumers browse and purchase products in the near future.

The new @shop account proves that online shopping is evolving in a way that could potentially steer more business away from publications—both in print and online.

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