The media sharing platform now gives content creators the opportunity to upload videos in landscape and portrait modes.


Instagram has announced its video application, IGTV, now supports landscape videos.

The media sharing platform announced the update in its online info centre yesterday (23 May 2019):

…we’re announcing support for landscape videos in addition to vertical. Ultimately, our vision is to make IGTV a destination for great content no matter how it’s shot so creators can express themselves how they want.


Launched in June 2018, IGTV is a popular in-app video platform where users can enjoy long-form, mobile-optimised content. Traditionally, the video platform could only support vertical videos uploaded by its users.

The latest changes, however, signal a new direction taken by the service to boost creative engagement:

…opening IGTV to more than just vertical videos is similar to when we opened Instagram to more than just square photos in 2015. It enabled creativity to flourish and engagement to rise – and we believe the same will happen again with IGTV.



Instagram’s announcement comes after the app takes more steps to build a more business-friendly experience for influencers and creators.

We’ll continue to evolve to not only help you grow your communities, but build your businesses across IGTV and Instagram.