Shopping links will direct YouTubers to Google Express where they can complete payments.

In its latest development to diversify streams of revenue, we may soon start to see shopping links displayed underneath YouTube videos.

Google has begun to run tests that enable users to view recommended products and services on the video-sharing platform.

From here, users can click on a payment link that would lead them to Google Express, the company’s eCommerce service.

It’s a move that undoubtedly brings more of what people need and love even closer to their fingers – and even easier to pay.

Parent company Alphabet reported this week that revenue for physical products such as Pixel phones and Home smart speakers year-over-year, highlighting that there’s an opportunity for growth.


With increasing threats to its advertising business from Amazon, the company is keen to stay one step ahead.

Google has struggled for years to build an online shopping business that can seriously compete with Amazon. Now, as Google’s prized advertising business faces a growing threat from Amazon, the search giant is planning new steps to bolster its shopping presence.

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