The new feature will display a restaurant’s most popular dishes.

When we’re looking for new places to visit and new foods to eat, we can quickly pull up Google Maps.

And in an instant, we’re able to view local bars, cafes, and restaurants. If we’re still undecided, we can consult the reviews and even check out some photos. All before we’ve stepped inside.

But now, with a brand new tool, we can do – and learn – more.

The new ‘dish-cover’ feature,  announced yesterday by Google, allows users to view menus and see exactly where the good stuff is at.

Whether you’re craving a tea cocktail in Brooklyn or sampling Pacific Rim cuisine in London, Google Maps now highlights a restaurant’s most popular items on the menu, so you can place your order with confidence.


Powered by machine learning, the feature also pulls together the vast armoury of intelligent data that Maps already uses:

Simply pull up a restaurant on Google Maps to find its popular dishes in the overview tab. Feeling extra peckish? Dive into the menu tab to scroll through all the most-talked about meals, and tap on a popular dish to explore reviews and photos. In a country where you can’t read the language? Maps will also translate the reviews for you too


The new feature is available for Android devices worldwide, with iOS compatibility expected to roll out in the coming months.