Google My Business Bans Former Employees Posting Negative Reviews

Google My Business Bans Former Employees Posting Negative Reviews

Google Bans People From Posting Negative Online Reviews Of Former Employers

Google has banned people from posting negative reviews of their former employers on its business tool. Google My Business is the tool behind the rating that appears on-screen when you carry out search for a business, such as a pub or restaurant, using the search engine or its maps functions.

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Google My Business No Longer Allows Former Employees To Post Negative Reviews

Google has updated their review feature on Google My Business once more. This time, the update now prevents former employees from posting negative reviews about the companies that once employed them. The reason for this change is because of the new guidelines, which sees these kinds of reviews as conflict of interest.

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Negative reviews from ex-employees are finally against Google’s guidelines

Google recently updated its review policies to clarify that reviews left by former employees are considered to be in violation of its guidelines. Columnist Joy Hawkins explains that this was (unfortunately) necessary.

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Negative Google Reviews from Former Employees Are Now Against Guidelines

Google has updated its Google My Business review guidelines with more specific information about conflicts of interest. According to Google’s new review guidelines, posting negative reviews about a current or former employer is considered a conflict of interest.

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