The latest updates allow users of Google’s Ads App to create, edit, and manage Responsive Search Ads directly from the app.


It’s an update that sees Google reaffirm its ever-strengthening faith in the mobile-first experience.

“So if you’re on your morning train and need to launch a last-minute holiday promotion, you can write the creative, fine-tune the headline and set bids and budgets–right from your mobile phone!”



This week, Google announced some big changes to its ad capabilities.

On the Ads App, users can now create, edit, and manage Responsive Search Ads for their businesses, as well as use tools traditionally available on desktop.

It’s a move that signals further investment into users of mobile, and a move that aims to bring the desktop experience over to smartphones.

The company also announced forthcoming updates and recommendations to the app to enable on-the-go marketers to achieve more with their smartphones:

These new recommendations will let you add new or negative keywords, pause poorly performing keywords and opt into all Smart Bidding strategies. You’ll also get notifications on your mobile app so you know when there are new opportunities to improve your performance, for all the accounts you manage.