It’s good news for business owners looking to create more meaningful interactions with followers.


From news feed to messenger interface, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is constantly reinventing the Facebook experience for its users in an effort to connect more people around the world.

More recently, we saw plans to give users a more personalised news feed through custom font styles.

But today is great news for page owners, too.

The social networking giant has announced two major updates that will give page owners more tools and opportunities for better engagement with fans.

First, the introduction of unique QR codes for each page will allow page owners to initiate a more simplified connection with followers.

You can download these QR codes in a PDF file and send them to people that you would want following you. If these people decide that they would like to follow you, their next step will be to scan the QR code after which connecting with you is going to become very simple indeed

Digital Transformation

However, it is perhaps the second update that will have page owners on the edge of their seats.

This update will enable page owners to view who their ‘Top Fans’ are – based on rates of engagement, activity, and interaction.

This feature was previously restricted to a bare minimum of beta testers, but the wider roll out is going to make it so that you would be able to create content and posts specifically for your top fans and create a bit of exclusivity within the general way you use this platform

Digital Transformation

For page owners looking to reward brand advocacy, the ‘Top Fan’ feature will enable the creation of more engaging and exclusive content for top followers.

Taken together, the two major updates from Facebook mean page owners will have a much deeper toolbelt when it comes to audience interaction and engagement.