Facebook has announced it is calling it a day for its messenger codes.

Shared on the Facebook Developer website, the social media company said the messenger camera will no longer support the marketing tool.

Starting August 15 2019, The Messenger camera will no longer support scanning Messenger Codes. Instead, we recommend businesses take advantage of the phone’s native capabilities to scan QR codes with m.me links as a lightweight, efficient solution. See more on m.me links

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Facebook’s Messenger codes have long been a popular tool for marketers. By scanning unique codes, users will be directed straight to a personalised welcome message.

However, these latest changes now mean marketers will have to rely on the more traditional QR codes.

Why Facebook have made this decision remains to be clarified. However, it comes as no surprise to those who saw messenger codes as being too time-consuming for users.

To open the Messenger scan code reader, it requires at least four taps. Who has time for four taps?

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